Hi, I’m Jordan.

Reader. Writer. All-around literary-enthusiast from Seattle, Washington. My view of the world seems to get better with each new book, and this site allows me to share, discuss, and learn alongside you all.

Most of this site is dedicated to Book Reviews and Literary News that catches my interest, but below you can also find links to my own writing and publications, if you’re interested.

Finally, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to leave comments or message me as you peruse my book reviews, literary news, or writing. Leave me your book recommendations, links to your blogs, or questions you have about books. I’m here for all of it.


2021. Poem: “American Baptism” published by Crab Creek Review.

2020. Poem: “Coincidence” published by Cathexis Northwest Press.

Other Writing Awards & Acknowledgements:

2021. Finalist for the Harbor Review Editor’s Prize Contest

2019. Featured Poetry Reader – “Dear Body” Event hosted by For Women Who Roar


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